Corporate Profile

Zeal IT is a proud sister concern of Zeal International Ltd, one of the leading Software Development, IT and Digital service provider companies in Bangladesh, designs and develops high-end software, App and cloud systems that streamline the tedious business process into a systematic automated approach for business organizations.

Zeal IT has also enhanced service offerings – Digital Marketing, Creative Design and IT Training services from a corporate house at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh. With no wonder since its establishment in 2018, Zeal IT is known for in-house skilled IT human resources and bespoke software development services.

To meet the huge demand for IT & web service coming from the international marketplace, zeal IT is actively outsourcing bespoke software, multimedia solution, Digital marketing, web service and proudly contributing to mitigate global talent gaps from Bangladesh.

With a capacity of providing upgraded professional IT solutions and expert digital services in the global marketplace, Zeal IT aims to thrive in the international IT industry.

Zeal IT is one of the top Tech companies in Bangladesh  that provides information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products and services using ultra-modern technologies for the effective outcomes in quality, time and cost-effectiveness.

We provide the best results and with precision only for satisfaction. Our in-house talent capacities involve web design & hosting, virtual tours development, software development, wireless technology, enterprise networking solutions, enterprise management, integration security technology, QA, business intelligence, strategic delivery capabilities and a host of other IT related services. We have designated sales training division that provides Strategic Business Trainings in Sales, Customer Care as well
as Direct Sales Concept. You just think of any IT related product or services and we deliver with the best solution. To us motivation is a key component in our sales trainings and we firmly ground our trainings on this principle.

Mission And Vision


To get acknowledged as one of the top rated ICT Company by providing quality services and timely solutions through professional delivery of services such as website development, virtual tours, creative graphic services, search engine optimization, software development and ICT consultancy..


To be   the company   of choice   in the    provision of   quality information communication technology services and timely solutions. And to never compromise with our bespoke development    standard compared   to the market-leading IT heads.

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Md.Arif Haider

CEO , Zeal IT

Md. Anisuzzaman

Manager (IT)

Jamal Uddin

Deputy manager

Shoaib Ahmad

Sr. Developer

Abdullah Al Noman

SEO Expert

Md Kamal Uddin

Manager (HR & Admin)

Ali Ammar Md. Taki

Manager( Finance)

Web Design

Web Design

Whether clean and simple or bold and inter active, every design element, illustration or digital piece produced from our agency is distinctive and handmade.

Best standards and practices

We always use industry best standards andpractices with focus on 6 main areas:
o Usability
o Speed
o User friendliness
o Security
o Responsiveness
o Eye catching design

Best standards and practices

At Zeal IT, we do not just design to complete your web design project. As outstanding web designers in Bangladesh, we plan and execute your website with great precision. We use all tools possible including:

o Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to make your website have a great look
o Photoshop to ensure your images and graphics are crispy
o High quality images with rights to give your website an exciting look
o A content management system – to help you manage content
o A mobile/responsive website for easy mobile viewing
o Search engine optimization for your business to be found, leading to sales
o Online payments to enable you to get paid online by your clients
o Newsletters design
o Important tools such as:
o Language translator
o Foreign currency converter
o Loans calculator
o Opinion polls
o Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
o Online application forms
o Google Analytics
o Google Map

Best standards and practices

At Zeal IT Limited, attention to details one of the aspects that make us tick. Ammonite different websites we develop include:

• Corporate for both the big boys and SMEs
• E-commerce
• Personal or biography
• Educational
• Religious
• Non-governmental Organisations
• Other categories custom-made just for you

Open Source & CMS Customization and Implementations

Offers economic and pleasant user experience of web resources (WordPress) that allow powerful modeling features, control over theinterface, functionality and updated platforms.

Mobile Application Development

We offer you globally standard professional service in creating mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms by designing app architecture according to the requirements, analyzing, implementing and debugging the final result. Our App service allows your venture not only operate smoothly but also to help you grow

Custom Enterprise Solutions Package

We offer CES that allows designing the architecture and UI/UX results in developing all the system components, project management,quality assurance, testing and application support for all kinds of the enterprise system.

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.


Ranking on the top of the Search Engine ranking page (SERP) is no magic but just an algorithm game digital marketers play with. Our in-house mastermind DM professionals make sure your brand’s presence on the digital platform becomes more powerful and conversion-worthy.


By utilizing designated fixed budget effectively for campaigns on social media platforms, we make sure the targeted leads to convert into the ultimate target group for the business. Anybody knows how PPC works but when it works and how to utilize it only professionals know that and we are here to provide you that professional service.

Email marketing.

Customized leads based on business category, strategically planned and customized budget packages are available

On Page SEO

As we develop your responsive website, we have search engines in mind. From links to images, we ensure that we have optimized your website for Google and other search engines.

Off Page SEO

Besides having an optimized website to achieve good rankings, off-page SEO are activities done outside your website to push traffic to your website. These include social media and blogging.

Local SEO

digital marketing

SEO Strategy

Our first step after you choose one of our packages is to design a unique SEO strategy based on your requirements. The strategy will include all targets and milestones for both the short & long term. a marketing channel.

Do you have a physical store and want more customers to enter your door? Zeal IT will optimize your website for Local SEO so that you win more customers than your local competitors.

Google SEO

Google is the biggest search engine. We strategize and help you work with the Google search engine to get higher ranking when it comes to results. le

Keyword Research

Everything on the web starts with a keyword and we will do a thorough keyword research to identify your winning keywords that can get you more traffic and business.

Ranking Reports

On a monthly basis you will be given reports on how your web site ranks on major search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is no longer an option but necessary for every on-line or offline business. Social media networks are part of our everyday life and for on-line businesses (or websites) it is a great way to:

o Quickly spread the word about a product or service
o Increase brand awareness
o Find new customers
o Engage with prospect and current customers
o Create a community about your product or service
o Advertise your products or services

Social Media Marketing

o Facebook Campaign (ads) management
o Facebook updating
o Twitter campaign management

digital marketing

Social Media Packages

All our social media packages include:
o The setup and optimization of business pages in the different social networks
o Daily updates with high quality content relevant to your business or niche
o Increase in the number of followers/interactions with your social media pages
All our updates are manual and are carried out by highly qualified personnel dedicated to social media

Why SMEs need social media

o Increase in the number of followers in all social networks
o Proper management of your social media pages, according to best standards and practices
o Guidance from a social media expert on how to make the most of social media

digital marketing

360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours

Would you like to increase your sales? Would you like to showcase your property online, sell a house, promote a hotel or tourist destination? 360 Virtual Reality is a technology that specializes in bringing the physical space a building and other products online, resulting in 360 immersive virtual tours. Online marketing has gone a notch higher in Dhaka. Virtual tour marketing is the new online marketing. At 360 Virtual Reality, we create and develop interactive virtual tours that will definitely blow your mind! To have a competitive edge, you need to create a visualization to promote your property online, such as office, house, hotel, tourist attraction site, and many more. Our virtual tours are interactive and eye catching. Created with a voice-over, they persuade your potential clients and emotionally connect with them to result into a sale.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Are you looking for professional aerial photography in Dhaka? As members of Professional Association of Dhaka, we take our time to give you the best aerial photography using the latest technology. At Zeal IT, we help you get aerial virtual tours besides aerial photography. Our services include:

o Aerial mapping
o Aerial photography
o 360 aerial virtual tours

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence o f  video or still images. It may also use other multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration, and text. It is distinguished from the use of live television to effect tele-tourism. A Virtual tour is the simulation of a certain environment online. It will allow the end user to take a virtual tour of your establishment from anywhere in the world. “User Friendly” links and maps built into the Virtual Tour makes it easy for users to navigate their way around your venue and see just how amazing it is and what the venue has to offer.

Ten Reasons why you should choose 360 Virtual Reality

1. An attractive graphical interface with all the tours and submenu tours.
2. An interactive tour with navigational icons to help users navigate.
3. Day and night tour feature for users to view both scenarios of the premise.
4. Social media icons integration to interact with on social media
5. A mobile interface that is easy to use on mobile devices and tablets.
6. An auto tour feature that enables users to view the entire premise. The auto tour can
be paused and played
7. A map that shows the exact location of the property.
8. A full-page expandable and shrinkable virtual tour complete with a voice-over/music.
9. Information icons that describe each scene.
10. We can provide an online portal where you will get traffic bookings.

Target Clients

As the go-to virtual tour experts in Dhaka, we help you sell faster, smarter, and with the least pain! The virtual tour technology is ideal for:

o Hotels, lodges and restaurants to sell food and accommodation
o Tourist attraction sites for parks, conservancies and others
o Cultural and heritage centers
o Real estate to sell houses online faster
o Architects to showcase their work
o Government for launching and visual documentations projects
such as water, housing, launch of buildings, agriculture,
o County governments to showcase:
o Investment opportunities
o Tourist attraction sites
o County projects
o Universities, schools and other educational institutions
o Wedding grounds
o Shopping malls

Benefits of Virtual Tours

Below are fun and money facts about the 360 virtual tours.
1. Increased revenue as virtual tours emotionally connect with your
2. The virtual tours can be used on various platforms such as
websites and TV screens for launches
3. Virtual tours give tourists a “WOW” effect and will greatly impress
4. Visual documentation of projects.
5. It is the perfect self-explanatory and showcasing tool for
different projects.
6. Virtual tours give confidence to clients, as they will be able to
view the places being showcased before actually visiting them.
7. A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your
website, and will also keep them coming back as 75% of those
surveyed, visited 3 to 4 web sites before making their choice.
8. 80% of consumers search for information online, thus easy
decision-making in choosing or convincing users
9. Easier promotion of cultural and heritage tourism, general
tourism, more sales for hotels, real estate
10. Virtual tours can be used to attract more investors as they are
able so view investment opportunities

Use of Aerial Imagery and Photography

Aerial photography is the “in-thing”. This type of photography can be applied in industry sectors such as:
o Planning issues and boundary disputes
o Civil Engineering and Construction
o Architects and planners
o Environmental Consultants
o Flood mapping
o Renewable Energy specialists
o 3D visualization and simulation
o 3D modelling
o Education and academic studies
o Marketing and media – both online and in printed brochures
and corporate material

How to use virtual tours

A virtual tour can be linked/used in several ways:
1. As text link on a website
2. As an image link on a website
3. As an interactive half-page sized window called an iframe on a
4. As a full page virtual tour window on a website
5. A virtual tour can be put on TV screens during expos or foreign

digital marketing

Cloud & Web Hosting

Domain Registration

A domain enables you to make your business available online. At Zeal IT Limited help you get the best domain option for your company that is catchy and easy to remember. Our services include:

Cloud & Web Hosting

Do you want peace? Would you like stress-free hosting? At Zeal IT, we make your website online 24/7, 365 days a year. As a reliable web hosting company in Dhaka, we combine security and reliability with affordability.

Our services include:

o Unlimited web hosting
o Limited web hosting
o E-commerce web hosting
o 24/7/365 Support
o 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
o Addon/Parked Domains
o Anonymous FTP
o FTP Accounts
o Free Dedicated IP
o WordPress Hosting
o JOOMLA Hosting
o MySQL Databases
o Streaming Audio/Video
o Email Hosting
o POP3 Accounts
o Web Mail
o E-mail Alias
o Auto R e s p o n d e r s
o Mailing Lists
o Mail Forwarding